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What makes our materials unique is the way letters/words are clearly presented to help children focus their attention.  Words are also presented  phonetically to help with pronunciation. Special books clearly present the same letters/words and, when used for just a few minutes each day, reinforce the  video portions as well as provide a special time for parent and child to read together.
These materials and technique are based on our experience with our daughter Maria who has down syndrome. Because each child is different with regard to abilility/disability, age and degree of impairment each child will develop at their own pace and to their own potential. Our materials and technique are meant to be an aid in learning but there is no gurantee of specific results.
Kit #1: abc and words - Using the abcs to help with vocalization
#1 abc and Words Android App based on Learning Kit #1
Kit #2: 50 FUN-damental Words - A child's first 50 words
#2: 50 FUN-damental Words Android App based on Learning Kit #2
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Kit #3: FUN-damentals and More - 60 common/useful words and numbers 1 - 10
Kit #4: Words, Words and More - 100 words and an introduction to spelling
Kit #5: Developing Conversational Skills and Vocabulary - 125 words and 19 basic sentences
Kit #6: Advanced Conversational Skills - 150 words and 50 model sentences
Kit #7: Amazing Words - Over 100 unusual and challenging words
And Computer Programs         
We now have our Kit #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7 videos available on youtube
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