How Our Technique Works
Infants to 2 Years of age
If your child is
3 Important Points
Infants start learning (listening to and organizing sounds) soon after birth.
The key to language development is to teach reading at the same time.
The average child will watch over 5000 hours of television before first grade.
We combine the use of audio CDs, DVDs and books - each teaching the same information (letters, phonetics and words) in a very clear format.
Television is used constructively and therefore is an excellent tool for teaching language and reading.
We start early and take advantage of when a very young child enjoys/craves repetition. This window of opportunity is in general birth to three. Older children may also benefit from our technique.
Our technique can be done easily because it requires only 3 to 5 minutes of a parent's time each day.
3 Years or older (including adolescents and adults)
If your child is
Our Free-Trial Android and Windows pc software incorporates the same benefical features of our videos. Words are broken down and displayed in their phonetic components.
See "Where our materials work best"and watch our online video presentations.
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