Language And Reading Development
by Love And Learning
Video/Audio DVDs and Books
Where Our Technique Works Best
Although our technique was designed for children age birth to 2, they can also be beneficial for older children. Here is a list of things, any of which would make our materials suitable for a child older than 2 years:
- Having a very limited vocabulary. There seems to be an advantage to having a child that has a limited vocabulary with respect to the use of our videos. That is because our videos are at a slow format. Because we break words down into more manageable pieces and say them slowly children that have a limited vocabulary will generally tune into them.
- If a child likes books, this again would be an advantage because our learning kits include books containing the same words as in the videos.
- If a child likes slower paced videos like "Barney" - again they will in general tune into our videos because of the slower pace.
- If they are starting to use the computer, our computer programs would be another avenue to teaching the words covered in the learning kits.
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