KIT #1 - abc and words
This learning kit teaches the lower case letters and an associated word for each letter. A child learns not only the name of the letter, but also the sound it makes. This kit is ideal for use with infants and toddlers, stimulating and improving vocalization. As all the learning kits, it contains a DVD, CD and books.
This kit covers:
Naming of the lowercase letters of the alphabet
The most common sounds of the letters
The words: apple, bus, car, dance, eat, fingers, green, hug, ice cream, jar, kiss, leaf, mouth, nose, otter, pot, quack, rocking, slide, tickle, up, vacuum, window, xray, yellow and zipper
Phonetic presentations: pl, us, ar, ance, ing, er, gr, een, ug, ice, cr, eam, iss, eaf, outh, ose, ot, er, uack, rock, ide, tick, vac, uum, wind, ray, yell, zip.
Counting for the numbers 1 through 5
You can use our Free Youtube videos and make the books using our pdfs. In place of making your own books you can use our android e-book apps. You can also purchase our #1 DVD and Audio cd.
Our Learning Kit #1 Video and Audio Is now Free On Youtube
Children's Youtube video
Youtube audio for nap/bed/playtime
Kit 1 books 1 and 3 word/picture books pdf
Android e-book app
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abc book pdf
Kit 1 books 2 and 4 word/picture books pdf
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