KIT #2 - 50 FUNdamental Word
Based on common words that a child learns early in his language development - parts of the body, article of clothing, familar objects and animals. The audio tape introduces simple sentences using the 50 words that are immediately useful to your child. In addition to the vocabulary words, the video teaches over 100 phonetic components. As with all the learning kits, it contains an audio CD, DVD and books.
This kit covers:
The words: eye, ear, head, hair, neck, hand, arm, thumb, knee, foot, leg, chest, sock, shoe, shirt, dress, coat, button, hat, boy, girl, house, key, door, light, bed, bowl, dish, book, milk, cake, toast, cookie, bath, ball, doll, balloon, block, drum, teddy bear, tree, horse, duck, cow, bird, cat, pig, sheep, bike and bye bye.
The sentences: I see a....; This is a ....; This is my....; I have a.... and;  May I have...
Phonetic presentations: h, air, n, eck, h, and, ar, m, th, um, nee, f, oot, l, eg, ch, est, s, ock, sh, oe, irt, dr, ess, c, oat, but, ton, h, at, b, oy, g, irl, h, ouse, k, ey, d, or, l, ight, b, ed, bow, l, di, b, ook, m, ilk, c, ake, t, oast, cook, e, b, ath, b, all, d, oll, ba, loon, bl, ock, dr, ted, dy, bear, tr, h, or, s, d, uck, c, ow, b, ird, c, at, p, ig, sh, eep, b, and ike.
Counting for the numbers 1 through 10
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