KIT #2 - 50 FUNdamental Word
Based on common words that a child learns early in his language development - parts of the body, article of clothing, familar objects and animals.
This kit covers:
The words: eye, ear, head, hair, neck, hand, arm, thumb, knee, foot, leg, chest, sock, shoe, shirt, dress, coat, button, hat, boy, girl, house, key, door, light, bed, bowl, dish, book, milk, cake, toast, cookie, bath, ball, doll, balloon, block, drum, teddy bear, tree, horse, duck, cow, bird, cat, pig, sheep, bike and bye bye.
The sentences: I see a....; This is a ....; This is my....; I have a.... and;  May I have...
Phonetic presentations: h, air, n, eck, h, and, ar, m, th, um, nee, f, oot, l, eg, ch, est, s, ock, sh, oe, irt, dr, ess, c, oat, but, ton, h, at, b, oy, g, irl, h, ouse, k, ey, d, or, l, ight, b, ed, bow, l, di, b, ook, m, ilk, c, ake, t, oast, cook, e, b, ath, b, all, d, oll, ba, loon, bl, ock, dr, ted, dy, bear, tr, h, or, s, d, uck, c, ow, b, ird, c, at, p, ig, sh, eep, b, and ike.
Counting for the numbers 1 through 10
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