KIT #3 - FUN-damentals and More
This learning kit continues the development of basic reading vocabulary with more names of familiar people/objects as well as some that a child may encounter in special situations or in books. It also introduces shapes, numbers 1-10 and the upper case alphabet. In addition to the vocabulary words, the video teaches over 120 phonetic components. As all the learning kits, it contains an audio CD, DVD and books.
This kit covers:
The words covered in this learning kit are: polar, bear, circle, square, triangle, one, sun, kite, two, bell, box, three, elbow, baby, glass, log, four, corn, snowman, sled, five, star, line, rug, man, woman, oval, rectangle, mitten, big, spoon, flower, six, broom, fork, moo, telephone, whistle, mirror, seven, pineapple, bubble, tiger, towel, bedroom, lamp, camera, bottle, penguin, little, eight, knife, elephant, pie, nine, pencil, owl, sweep, flashlight, crayon, mouse, dinosaur, sunglasses, bumble, bee, tricycle, pen, rocket, parade, ten, the, and end. All words are presented in their phonetic components.
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