KIT #4 - Words, Words, and More
This learning kit teaches over 100 new words and 200 phonetic syllables to help your child to begin sounding out words for herself. Twelve model sentences are also taught. Spelling skills are introduced as selected words appear letter by letter on the video screen. Also, a pencil which draws the letters of the words helps your child see how each letter is properly and most efficiently made and facilitaes printing skills.
This kit covers:
The words covered in this learning kit are: dog, Look at the dog. couch, horn, moon, comb, pan, brush, table, ring, egg, pillow, kick, I kick the ball. chin, soap, can, butter, black, white, seal, The seal is black. vase, hang, blue, zebra, I see a zebra. cheek, cup, desk, boots, chair, fan, smile, sit, I sit in my chair. sink, grapes, orange, mop, salt, pepper, watch, van, carrot, bag, swing, I want to swing. paint, red, swan, The swan is a bird. shoulder, tie, pocket, up, down, picture, mailbox, cap, roller, skate, goat, I see a white goat. scissors, saw, lighthouse, mustard, television, on, off, giraffe, park, Let's go to the park. faucet, see, saw, stairs, I go up the stairs. hamburger, guitar, bug, bench, in, out, refrigerator, run, I like to run. ketchup, turn, Turn on the light. ladybug, all, done, hop, stop, go, puzzle, pancakes, seagull, The days of the week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
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Our Learning Kit #4 Video Is now Free On Youtube
Our ready made learning kits are not available at this time. You can use our Youtube videos and make the books using our pdfs.
Kit 4 books 1 and 3 word/picture books pdf
Kit 4 books 2 and 4 word/picture books pdf