KIT #5 - Developing Conversational Skills and Vocabulary
This learning kit assists in the development of good conversational skills, helping your child take a major step toward meaningful social interaction and inclusion. 19 sentences are taught that enable your child to become more confident and competent, both in expressing himself and in relating information. Also taught in this kit are 125 new vocabulary words, 250 phonetic components, numbers 1-20 and the months and seasons of the year. pdf books can be accessed at bottom of this page.
This kit covers:
The words covered in this learning kit are: ant fence nest floor bone rhinoceros feather cloud vest brush ceiling bat short long net cactus washer oar bathroom rake hay hot dog castle plate fish plant jam octopus puppet lemur whale roof sunny cloudy raining snowing winter spring summer fall snake Saturn submarine lake calf chicken lamb toothbrush snail basket hanger rain buggy firetruck water clarinet push hello buffalo kitchen pull sky clown wash months January February March April May June July August September October November December boat hammer drill pail nut radio men women airplane chimney barn tent belt squirrel

Sentences: What is your name? My name is ______.
How old are you? I am _____years old.
How are you? I am find, thank you.
Where do you live? I live at ____.
What is your phone number? My phone number is ____.
I need to use the bathroom.
I wash my hands with soap and water.
What is the weather today? The weather today is _____.
What are the seasons of the year? The seasons of the year are _____.
A calf is a baby cow.
A lamb is a baby sheep.
What are the months of the year? The months of the year are _____.
See you later.

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Our ready made learning kits are not available at this time. You can use our Youtube videos and make the books using our pdfs.
Kit 5 books 1 and 3 word/picture books pdf
Kit 5 books 2 and 4 word/picture books pdf