KIT #7 - Amazing Words
This learning kit presents challenging and unusual words that help a child move from basic to a more expressive vocabulary. This kit is ideal for the child who has enjoyed our first six kits. pdf books to be added soon.
This kit covers:
The words covered in this learning kit are: good great fantastic super wonderful unusual excellent remarkable momentous incredible amazing State Fair detach eject vibrate shrink fade rotate go kart vegetable potato celery onion cabbage carrot peas broccoli basketball volcano enter exit ladies gentlemen tennis magnet extract bounce pyramid rainbow compress throw deer above below together enlarge howl single double triple fawn empty full delicious water slide before middle end divide smear sketch moose insect face city infant leaves direction prairie dog spiral bend cowboys rodeo vowels under over cowgirl same different pony bump break separate collapse happy sad straight crooked dinosaur skeleton open close bagpipes oscillate semi-circle golf bumper car fruit trampoline
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