"A Boy Who Liked Color"
A Boy Who Liked Color is a very special children’s picture book. It tells Michael’s story in simple words, large type and colorful pictures. It is the story of Michael as a young boy and how he became an artist. Michael’s illustrations show how he draws with shapes and how he mixes colors. There are beautiful pictures of children, animals and flowers. The last page says "You can be an artist too."
This book is about Special Education and the teachers, the classes and the peer mentor that made a difference in the life of one gifted child. This book celebrates the special gifts that people with Down syndrome have. It stresses the importance of The Arts in our children’s education. This book is Michael’s way of sharing his gift with children who like to draw and color.
Each book is signed by Michael Johnson and numbered. Michael writes a personal illustrated letter to each child who receives his book. The letter shows children how to make a color wheel (like the one he is holding on the cover illustration) and how to draw all sorts of animals with color coded basic shapes. For lending libraries and school libraries Michael laminates the letter that accompanies the book.
Some children believe that Michael wrote the book just for them. (And he did!) Michael has received photos of children doing art projects with his letter beside them and copies of their drawings of animals made with basic shapes.
The books are $25 each including shipping and handling. Please make your checks payable to Michael Johnson and send them to P.O. Box 6157 Evanston, IL 60204-6157. Please include the child’s name when you order the book.
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