Computer Program #1: abc, words and more     
Our computer program has the same beneficial characteristics as our DVD, audio CD and books in that letters/words are presented in a very clear and focused format. In addition, this program is a great way to introduce your child to the computer. It uses the same letters and words from the DVD, audio CD and books in Kit #1. But there is even more:
Your Child's First (windows) Computer Program         
It starts by displaying your child's name, address and phone number.
Tells the current day of the week, what day yesterday was and what day tomorrow is.
Introduces the concept of how the mouse affects the movement of the display arrow on the screen.
Teaches the basic alphabet layout of the keyboard.
Displays words phonetically.
Defines each word or uses it in a sentence.
Includes two word/picture matching games.
Includes a story about Michael Johnson - an artist who has Down Syndrome
Computer requirements IBM/compatible, 166 MHz or higher, Windows 95/98,ME,XP,Vista. Screen resolution of 800 by 600. The cost of each computer program is $24 and $5 for postage (no shipping charge if ordered with at least one of the learning kits.)